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Asphalt 9 to get native ARM 64 support for Windows devices running on Snapdragon 8CX.

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Published Dec. 12, 2018, 11:15 a.m.

With Qualcomm announcing the Snapdragon 8CX for mainstream computers, other applications and games may support the platform soon.


In a quest to challenge the domination of Intel & AMD over the PC market, Qualcomm announced its most powerful chipset – the Snapdragon 8CX at the Snapdragon Technology Summit earlier this month. The processor is expected to power mainstream Windows devices releasing in 2019.

The new processor brings a phenomenal increase in performance over its mobile counterparts. Further, the processor is expected to come with 5G capable modems which mark a tremendous improve in connectivity.


Asphalt 9 produced by Gameloft is all set to be supported on the ARM64 platform on which the new processor is based. Earlier, Qualcomm unveiled the processor with an Asphalt 9 demo and the gameplay looked quite stunning.

The game, which is already available on Windows Store, previously supported only x86 platform. The game which is very popular among the smartphone users may offer even better performance on a Windows PC paired with Snapdragon 8CX.

[Source:NDTV Gadgets]

According to Qualcomm, the processor will be able to deliver the same performance as a 15W Intel chip but with energy efficiency. This is 7nm processor with eight 64-bit Kryo 495 CPU cores and also an Adreno 680 GPU.

The processor can provide a boost clock up to 2.75 GHz and has 10 MB of total cache. Other specifications include support for LPDDR4x 2133 MHz RAM, UFS 3.0 storage, NVMe SSD support, up to 32 MP single camera and up to 16 MP dual cameras.

The chip also comes with a powerful AI system just its mobile counterpart Snapdragon 855.

With Snapdragon 8CX already supporting the stunning Asphalt 9, expect your favorite computer apps and games to come on-board soon.