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King Of Monsters assembles the biggest ever monsters known to mankind, and they are called ‘The Titans’.

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Published Dec. 15, 2018, 5:41 a.m.

King Ghidorah, Mothra and Rodan feature in the terrifying trailer of the Godzilla sequel.

[Source: Legendary Studios]

The MonsterVerse created by Legendary and Warner Bros. got all the more exciting with the new trailer of Godzilla: King Of Monsters this week. The shared fictional universe which began with Godzilla(2014) and then continued with Kong:Skull Island is set to get its third film filled with the greatest monsters known to mankind.

The first trailer gave us a glimpse of the Titans, who were hidden from this world all along, rising to rule the planet. The Monarch Sciences, an organization to monitor these creatures is back again after it was last seen in Kong movie. With the Titans rising to gain supremacy, Monarch wants to pit these monsters against the almighty Godzilla.

[Source: Legendary Twitter Account]

The trailer features a number of monsters including Mothra, who is a recurring character in the original Godzilla franchise. Previously this monster has been portrayed as a savior to the mankind. The film however may show Mothra going head to head with Godzilla.

As it can be seen from the posters, Mothra is a giant moth with a huge wingspan of more of 800 ft. In the first trailer, Mothra was shown with rising from the sea in some stunning visuals.

[Source: Legendary Twitter Account]

Next up we have another Titan called ‘Rodan’. The trailer shows him rising out of the fictional Isla De Mara volcano and raising hell on the fighter jets surrounding him. Rodan derives its name from Pteranodon, a genus of Pterosaur, which existed around 66 million years ago.

The monster has huge wings at round 800 ft, two horns coming out of his head and an armor made of molten lava.

[Source: Legendary Twitter Account]

Finally, we have King Ghidorah who will go against the Godzilla in what appears to be the final battle of the movie. As seen in the first trailer, it looks like a three headed dragon with a physical stature much bigger than that of Godzilla.

Ghidorah is also the arch rival of Godzilla in the original film franchise and iis very popular among the fans.

Its first appearance in the trailer left us speechless with his giant size(over 500 ft.) and those terrifying three heads. The Monarch Sciences website warns us about his superpowers which are capable of destroying the stratosphere.

[Source: Legendary Studios]

The list doesn’t end here as the trailers show many other monsters coming out of the shadows. The film is directed by Michael Dougherty and packs an ensemble cast including Millie Bobby Brown(Stranger Things), Vera Fermiga(Bates Motel, The Conjuring), Thomas Middleditch(Silicon Valley) and Charles Dance(Game Of Thrones) among others. Check out the trailer below if you haven’t already.