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Marvel is really playing smart by not revealing anything major in the first Endgame trailer.

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Published Dec. 11, 2018, 8:41 a.m.

Besides Hawkeye becoming Ronin and Ant-man escaping the Quantum Realm, there is hardly anything that we didn’t know already.

[Still from Avengers:Endgame trailer]

Back in November 2017, the first Infinity War trailer revealed a great deal about the Avengers and their war against the almighty Thanos. The trailer which starts with a nostalgic speech quickly jumped into action by showing Tony Stark, Doctor Strange and Hulk uniting to fight Thanos’ invasion to retrieve infinity stones.

We also got a glimpse of Spiderman’s new suit as well Loki presenting the Space Stone to Thanos. Then the focus shifts entirely on Thanos and his desire to wipe out half of the entire population.

[Still from Avengers:Infinity War trailer]

The trailer showed bits from every fight scene of the movie. Be it the first fight in New York, Captain America saving the day, the battle of Wakanda and that epic fight between Iron Man and Thanos on Titan. It ended with Thor teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in their space ship.

[Still from Avengers:Infinity War trailer]

At the time, Marvel really wanted to up the hype surrounding the movie – Even among the people who weren’t the die-hard fans of the MCU. And it succeeded in doing so pretty well. The trailer nearly destroyed any hype or excitement that was left for the DCEU’s Justice League which later tanked heavily at the box office. The hype from the trailer remained high for the coming months and the film went on the bring more than 2 Billion Dollars for Disney.

In India where comics books movies are seen by only a niche audience in the theatres, the film went on to gross nearly 300 Crore Rupees surpassing Disney’s own Jungle Book. The film was a major success in the remote areas of the country too.

[Still from Avengers:Endgame trailer]

Cut to December 2018 and Marvel has unveiled the first ‘trailer’ of the Infinity War’s sequel called Avengers: Endgame. The trailer feels more like a teaser for the movie as it barely shows anything that we already didn’t know.

The trailer starts with Tony Stark drifting in Space after he was defeated by Thanos on Titan. Then it shows a depressed Steve Rogers alongside Black Widow. We also get a glimpse of Thor, Bruce Banner & Nebula.

The only significant updates that the trailer brings are the badass Hawkeye becoming Ronin and Ant-Man escaping the Quantum Realm. As of now it speculated that Hawkeye may have lost his entire family to Thanos’ Snap (now being called ‘The Decimation’), which may have resulted in him taking up the sword wielding Ronin persona.

[Still from Avengers:Endgame trailer]

But, Marvel is right by not revealing much in the trailer as the movie already has an enormous hype around it. People who have seen Infinity War will definitely hit the theatres to watch this epic conclusion. With that consensus, the film is surely set to cross the 2 Billion Dollar mark and may even surpass 2.8 Billion mark set by James Cameroon’s Avatar.

Plus, a spoiler-free trailer also gets us Marvel fans all the more excited for the film. Check out the trailer below if you haven't did already!